Air Conditioning and Heating

Conditioning systems

As well as the installation, Boniforti Impianti also offers an accurate service of planning of conditioning systems, working out the best technical and executive solutions according to the needs, the requests and the expectations of customer.

The planning and/or check of the systems to install includes also a broader management view of the entire conditioning system. This step permits optimising and reducing the timing of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, limiting at the best possible the expenses for customer, included the systems’ energy-saving.

Particular attention is reserved to the comfort of the conditioning system. The objectives are: to guarantee the best customer satisfaction in terms of systems noise levels, to ensure the perfect conditioning of the spaces, and to pursue the best conditions of the environmental well-being.

Heating systems

Thanks to its operative versatility, Boniforti Impianti plans the realizations of heating systems both civil and industrial. Furthermore, these systems are characterised by the presence of innovative materials guaranteeing high performances.

The designers working with Boniforti Impianti are also able to design extremely complex heating systems. So far, customer who trusted Boniforti Impianti have always been satisfied by the service.


The choice of boilers is always made according to the technical characteristics of the operational context and the customer needs. Each detail will be carefully considered.

All boilers maintenance and reparation interventions by Boniforti Impianti are characterised by the speed of execution and the certainty of resolution.

The huge amount of experience and the high competence acquired in the various operational situations permit to Boniforti Impianti to guarantee advanced solutions from a technological point of view.