Electrical systems

Electrical systems

The optimization of the services includes every single phase of intervention: ideation, elaboration and design, as well as the possible post-assembly maintenance.

During the execution of an electrical system, the firm of Luca Boniforti works in order to assure the maximum conditions of security for its technicians, going further beyond than the mere adhesion to the norms about job injuries.

The times of realisation of an electrical system by Boniforti Impianti are fast, compatibly with the operational conditions in which the realisation is performed.

Types of plants


  • Medium-voltage switchboards
  • Switchboards for primary distribution
  • Secondary and command electrical distribution units
  • Electrical control panels
  • Switchboards of automation with plc
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Electrical systems on board machine
  • Protected Atex plants
  • Equipment for offices, hotels, business centers, tertiary
  • Systems for residential buildings
  • Systems for home automation and building automation
  • Networks for data transmission, voice, wireless
  • Smoke and fire detection systems
  • Hazardous gas detection systems and / or explosives
  • CCTV systems
  • Burglar alarms and access control
  • Intercom and videophone systems
  • Public address systems
  • Construction of electricity substations
  • Plants  for sports facilities
  • Equipment grounding