Renewable Energy Systems

Photovoltaic systems

A photovoltaic system permits exploiting solar energy in order to obtain clean energy and a considerable economic saving.

A saving obtainable in two ways: firstly, through the fiscal benefits given by the State; secondly, thanks to the transfer of the exceeding electric energy.

In order to obtain an excellent performance by the photovoltaic system, the designing and positioning phases of the solar panels will be executed with the maximum care.

Geothermal systems

Boniforti Impianti is specialised in the realisation of geothermal systems with open and/or closed circulation.

These systems permit the exploitation of geothermal energy through ground perforation up to the lowest depths, to reach the depths that guarantee constant levels of temperature.

Particularly performing heating pumps transform the energy obtained by the ground in heat to use in the heating systems and for the production of sanitary hot water.

These systems are particularly indicated for the most recent technologies of spaces low-temperature heating. They have obtained great results in terms of energy saving.

Solar panels systems

The idea at the basis of the functioning of solar panels is quite easy: thanks to the phenomenon of the solar radiation, the panels permit the heating of water for both a domestic or a non-domestic use.

Obviously, in addition to the respect for the environment, another interesting aspect is that linked to the economic aspect: a solar panel guarantees a high performance for many years. This fact involves a relevant cut of the costs relative to water heating.